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April 2020 will be the thirteenth anniversary of our private door to door service.  We have been taking our brothers to Warwick every week now since they opened. We have provided this service to our fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bible Students and friends from over 20 countries of North and Latin America, Australia, Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Europe to tour USA bethel – the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick, the Watchtower Educational Center and also part of the world headquarters at Patterson and Wallkill farm / printing facility / USA branch, all located  in upstate New York, United States. 

A visit to bethel – the location where the theocratic activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses are coordinated is spiritually up-building. Aside from sightseeing of the countryside which you will enjoy as we drive through a few hundred miles between the facilities of Warwick – Patterson – Wallkill; tourists on spring or summer holiday in the United States seize the opportunity to also do even more sightseeing at the different facilities even during the beauty of the winter months! We have provided documents in English, Spanish, with information on the tours and will soon add on more languages! You can click on those here on our webpage. You will find them on the left-hand column under the Services section and there under tour schedule. We can handle groups of practically any size from one to fifty!” 

We are a group of mostly full time servants who take turns in offering this service to our brothers and are well known at all the bethel facilities because of our reputation in dealing in an honorable manner with our brothers, having never failed on a scheduled tour date in thirteen years, excepting cancellations due to snow storms or severe weather. Others can offer these tours at less of an expense however; most who do so, do not have their vehicles fully insured as it is required when offering this service. There are many now offering this service but mostly as a transportation service and few highlight any of the history of these sites but we make sure you get as much as possible for the cost involved once you have decided to tour these places using our service. Our prices have been the same now since the summer of 2014 and despite the cost of everything else rising, we have kept our prices stable. Our rates are compatible to what any tour service in New York City charges for similar services but they do so for less hours.

If after having read the information document on this page, if you should have interest in our service; please send us a message by going to the bottom of the page on the left-hand column and click on “contact us”. In your message what we most need to know is first, the exact address of the place where you will be staying as we will need to determine if we cover that area, how many are you in total and then which sites you would want to tour and on which dates. Finally, specify if you have reservations or not.