Tour USA Bethel

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Must the booker be on the tour group?

It is not compulsory that the person making the booking be on the tour group


What will you do with additional data captured for the group captain?

Additional data collected for large group are deleted after tour booking is spent


Can a booker serve as group captain?



Are there tours on Saturdays or Sundays?

Bethel facilities are closed for tours on weekends and a few other occasions. See Tour Schedule


I am not a Jehovah’s Witness. Am I allowed on tour?

Yes. However, you will need at least a witness in your tour group in order to book our service online


What type of special needs do you presently support?

Please, see special needs


If my tour can not be scheduled, what happens?

You will be emailed further options


I do not speak English language, can I come on tour?

Yes, you can. If your spoken language is other than English, include your spoken language under special requests while reserving your tour with us. Sometimes, we provide the information to the bethel department responsible for tours to help provide a tour guide that speaks your language, if available


What is the minimum number of persons that can be on a tour?

Although the cost structure will be different, we will take a minimum of two persons. We will however endeavor to have others join you if possible on your tour date with the goal of bringing down your cost to the regular tour price.


What is the maximum number of persons that can be on a tour?

We suggest 25. If your group is more than 25, you may be transported in more than a single van