Tour USA Bethel

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Transport Fares  

Fare can be made in cash at take off

American express traveler checks in USD is acceptable

Fare for Warwick Bethel Tours  

Two to Four Persons (Flat rate)

Note: If in New Jersey you must add the additional tolls which are $35.00.

Each additional person is 50 dollars each. Please refer to the document in English under the Services section.

Note: If in New Jersey you must add the tolls twice which are $35.00 of additional tolls.








Fare for Four Hour New Your City Tour  

Two to Four Persons (Flat rate)

Five to Seven Persons (Flat rate)



























  • You may combine these tours while booking online. Please note that you can only do the Wallkill and Patterson tour separately from the Brooklyn Bethel tour. However, you can combine the Brooklyn bethel tour with a city tour. Brooklyn bethel is open and when you do the archive tour located in the lobby which we do on your own and can last up to two hours, the bible exhibit which is a brief tour you also do on your own along with the regular tour which last about one hour, then you have a whole morning or afternoon which you must set aside to fully cover this facility.
  • Transport fare to the headquarters and branch offices of Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York covers your pick up from a very wide zone that includes Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan areas of New York City. New Jersey is also included but with the cost of tolls added twice since we will have to go in and out of the area twice, we also include those staying in the JFK airport area but a surcharge will apply.
  • If pickup and return locations are in New Jersey, a $35.00 additional charge per van will apply. The additional charge covers additional tolls charged for entering and exiting New Jersey to New York City. We do not go to all places in New Jersey, some brother’s stay well outside of the large area we cover.
  • The fares have risen in the last two years and that is all due to the heavy insurance premium we now pay as protection for our brothers; actually we have not change the cost of the Wallkill and Patterson tour since January of 2013 and have no intention to do so further. We do plan to eventually, Jehovah willing and when possible, offer a full day tour of Warwick, Wallkill and Patterson in one day. It can be done since we have tested the time schedule. However, we will have to wait until Warwick is completely finished and visitors are allowed. The cost is the same for all, we have had special pioneers and even traveling overseers join us on the tour and they have ALL commented to us that this is a fare arrangement for our brothers. The most economical way to do this tour is renting a vehicle. Contact your congregation secretary for details.
  • Pick up times for the tours start as early as 6:00 AM and the last ones at 7:00 AM, those would be our brothers located in a Hotel or apartment in Manhattan. You will be gone anywhere from twelve to thirteen and half hours from the moment of pick up until our return. We usually leave Patterson bethel at closing time 5:00 PM. We have nothing to do with lunch arrangements. If you are visiting from the USA, you can contact a Bethelite you know or someone in your congregation knows about the possibility of their inviting you for lunch at Wallkill which is the place we go to first. If you are from outside the USA, we will offer you suggestions for lunch via e-mail either when you contact us directly or when you book a reservation on this web site.