Tour USA Bethel

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We begin by contacting the brothers mostly via text message to their cell phones through WhatsApp the day before or one hour before the pickup. When doing either Wallkill and Warwick or Wallkill and Patterson, we always start with Wallkill. When we are about one hour from Wallkill, we stop at a marketplace where you can purchase coffee and food for breakfast at a modest cost and be able to sit down and enjoy it. We also stop there when we are only doing the Warwick tour as the brothers can also buy lunch at the place to eat at Warwick after their morning tour. We start picking up the brothers depending on location, as early as 5:30 AM but on the average around 6:00 AM and the last ones who are in Manhattan around 6:45 to 7:00 AM.

No matter what combination you choose, tours at Wallkill and Patterson finish at bethel by 5:00 PM and it will be time to head back to your accommodation and depending on where you are located, it would take anywhere from one and half hours to two and half hours. It does not matter which combination of the full day tour you do with us; we must leave Wallkill or Patterson after you are done at 5:00 PM or 17:00 hours, the exception would be if you are doing an afternoon tour at Warwick however, once you are done with the tour at Warwick within the time they allow you for the tour we must leave. Any extension beyond these times limits would then mean a different cost for the service.

If you decide to stay to see or speak to someone or want to be taken somewhere to eat, that would be considered another arrangement and a higher cost since it extends the hours of the service. If you should decide to tour only one of the bethel installations, the tour of that place must be in the morning and we will leave no later than a half hour after lunch or 1:30 PM. We arrive early enough which allows you not only time for the tour but also for any other special arrangement. If you do not find reservations for Wallkill or Patterson, do not worry about it because we can take you there to tour either place, we can arrange it. If you do not have reservations for Warwick and cannot find any, we may be able to help you with obtaining a reservation.

As for Warwick, we prefer to start our brothers early, either at 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM or 9:00 AM. If you take the tour with us and already have reservations, if you are only touring Warwick even if your reservation is at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, we can petition the office and request a change so that you can thus enjoy more fully the visit and we would avoid the horrible traffic in the city by going much earlier in the day. Central tour desk at bethel asks us to remind all the brothers to dress appropriately for the visits and that no matter how much you like one or all exhibits at Warwick, once you get started then we must limit your tour to the three hours they assign for the total tour at that place.

We STRONGLY recommend the tour of the Wallkill and Warwick; we start with Wallkill and then go to Warwick after lunch. This allows PLENTY of time for both places. The cost of this full day tour of two places depends on the following: We must have at least four in total and you must be located within the area we cover. Touring any two bethel sites in one day for four who are located together at the same place is as follows: Adults 85 dollars, if we have a group of at least four, then those 18 years of age and under would pay 70 dollars and keep in mind that even a baby and a child occupies a seat and that we have to rent a child seat for them. If you are less than four, we will do everything possible to combine you with others. However, if you are only one person, two or three, we can offer you the service but at a flat rate: If you are located anywhere in New Jersey, the cost will be slightly higher per person.

For visiting only one bethel center on any given date, if you are at least four in total then the cost ranges between 65 to 75 dollars all depending of your location. Most of the brothers prefer to do Warwick on one day and then combine Wallkill and Patterson for another.

If you are only one to three persons, your cost for visiting two bethel sites in one day is a flat rate of $325. Even if you agree to these rates at the time you should book the tour with us, we will continue to try to add others on to your tour in order to reduce your cost. If you are only one person but we can combine you with others, your cost is $100 dollars, if you are a couple or three in total, then your cost is 90 dollars each. If you are less than four and want to visit just one place and we are unable to combine you with others, the flat rate of $250 would apply but the cost could be higher if you are outside of the area we regularly cover. Payment can be made in cash on the day of the tour, it is preferable as we pay anywhere from 4 ½ to 6 percent of what your pay us when we accept payment through others means.