Tour USA Bethel

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In order to ensure that all kingdom publishers and our friends are given the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the headquarters facilities, support is made for the followings:

Infirm Tourists, Infants and Babies
Limited number of wheelchairs, scooters and walkers are available for use of seniors and infirm tourists at each tour locations – Brooklyn bethel, Watchtower Farm at Wallkill as well as the Watchtower Educational Centre at Patterson. Please, request this support during booking. We will help you pass the information to the bethel tour desk in advance. You may receive a confirmation of availability before tour date.

If you need a care giver to ride you through the tour, please, request the service while booking to enable us schedules a publisher who may be available to meet your need. You will receive an email confirming if one is available on your selected dates.

For publishers who do not have baby car seats for infants, we are able to offer infants or baby car seats if it is requested in advance as a special request while booking a tour

Hearing Impaired
With sufficient advanced request, we may be able to retain the service of a publisher who is an American Sign Language signer and who can be available to guide a hearing impaired tourist. We also liaised with the Central Tour Desk in Patterson to obtain necessary support for signers

Non Users of English Language
If your spoken language is other than English, we offer to provide the information to the bethel department responsible for tours to help provide a tour guide that speaks your language, if available. Please, provide us with your language information and we will get back to you well in advance of the tour date.

Our website is also undergoing translation into other major languages to enable you make successful bookings. When completed, you will be able to select a language of your choice from the language menu. If our website is yet to be available in your language, please, contact us with details of your language and a phone number with which we can reach you.

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